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bromance nothin gay about it: a nabari no homo playlist

no homo - the lonely island | born this way - lady gaga | i love you (no homo) - tubanome | same love - macklemore x ryan lewis feat. mary lambert | i’m not gay - jesse pee | anaconda - nicki minaj | bromance - chester see | i’m coming whenever (shakira vs diana ross) - michmich | if you were gay - avenue q obc | it’s raining men - weather girls | turn it off - book of mormon obc | we r who we r - ke$ha


(disclaimer: all the quotes in the cover art were publicly posted to public forums and anime/manga discussion sites)

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these children will be the death of me


the best character in nabari


I’ve not read much of it but my sister liked the series so I drew this… randomly (in 2012).


There’s a hole in my soul [x]

I can’t fill it, I can’t fill it
there’s a hole in my soul
Can you fill it? Can you fill it?


cool of you, tumblr user corp0ral-levi, to decide this needed to have capitalization and also that my url did not need to be on here - except no it’s not at all cool don’t remove my url from my graphics and don’t edit my captions but especially DON’T REMOVE MY URL FROM MY GRAPHICS’ CAPTIONS

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Hey guys - casual reminder that we need to consider the captions artists, editors, etc put onto their work as sacred and full of intentionality. Captions say exactly what the artist wants to be said, so don’t change it. At all. And don’t remove the artist/editor’s URL. That’s their signature, that’s how people can go to their blog and tell them how awesome their work is. And it’s how we know it was posted by them, and not a reposter. So please please do not alter the OP’s comments or url!


nabari + shounen note cry when you get older

she said, “there just must be more to life than this.”

he said, “careful, ‘cause you might just get your wish.”


Drama CD Illustration by Yuhki Kamatani

I want you to grant my wish, so you can smile and laugh in the future.